Support for musl

Mailing list

musl has a single mailing list for development discussion and user support. Questions and comments related to compiling musl, compiling software against musl, porting, bugs, differences between musl and glibc or other libc implementations, feature requests, etc. are all on-topic and welcome.

To subscribe, send a blank message to musl-subscribe ΑT, then reply to the confirmation message you receive. You can also mail the list without subscribing by sending email to musl ΑT, but messages from non-members may be held for moderator approval. If you are not subscribed and want to receive a reply, please mention in your email that you want to be Cc'd.

IRC channel

Most development discussion and discussion with toolchain and distribution integrators take place on the #musl channel on the Libera.Chat IRC network. Users are also welcome to seek support here.

#musl is maintained as an inclusive space, and channel policy does not tolerate bigotry or harassment.

Private/commercial support

Have questions about a project using musl that can't be discussed in public, or need rapid turnaround solving problems? Commercial support is available through Molluscular.